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Thanks for choosing this noun generator! We have to admit that coming up with a random noun is not a particularly difficult job to do: you just look around and name the first thing that catches your eye. Of course, nouns are more than the names of physical objects and people, things that we can see and touch. Nouns also refer to feelings and abstract ideas, such as freedom. So technically you could just name the emotion you are feeling at the moment and you would have a random noun.

If it so easy, why in the world have we decided to develop this noun generator? The answer is pretty simple: some nouns are just better the others and it is really difficult to come up with a really great one. I know this claim (that there is some sort of “hierarchy” of nouns) might seem a bit foolish from the first glance, but this is just one of fascinating things about language. Every word carries some sort of connotations and is associated with pleasant or repulsive things. These associations do not necessarily arise to the level of consciousness and most of the times it is hard to pin them down, but we still prefer some words over the others. They just taste right on the tongue and are pleasant to hear.

You might think that this kind of judgment is absolutely subjective, but in reality there are words that invoke overwhelmingly negative or positive associations for the majority of population. For example, let’s compare a few nouns that all start with letter C: caprice, cascade, cashmere, cinnamon on the one hand and cacophony, cataclysm, coercion, cynicism on the other. Now which group of words sounds better for you? If you think alike with the majority of population, your answer is “definitely the first one”. Thus while developing the database for this noun generator we have tried to include more of the words that invoke positive associations. Why did we include the “unpleasant” words too? In some cases this might be exactly what you need.

Now here is how you use this system: for starters, click the button right below this text. Do it for a several times, than slide down the window, pick the nouns you liked most from the list and add them to your favorites by clicking. I hope this noun generator help you find exactly what you need!

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