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Thanks for choosing this Pictionary word generator! I know that at least some of you have landed on this webpage rather accidentally and don’t have a clue what is it all about. So here is an explanation for you: this is a system for Pictionary game, which was invented by Robert Angel (a pretty cool last name, isn’t it), together with Gary Everson, and published in 1985. Originally it was a board game, but as for today it is also available online.

Even if you landed on this Pictionary word generator accidentally and did not know anything about this game up to this moment, I think you might enjoy playing it. So here are the rules. First of all, the players have to divide into two teems with equal amount of members. It is sometimes said that in order to maximize the fun each team has to consist of four players, but this is just an opinion. Than one person starts drawing clues for his teammates, trying to help them guess what the pictures represent. If the rest of the team fails to come up with the right answer fast enough, the chance to guess goes to the competing team.

Now obviously, somebody has to come up with the words that are later represented with pictures. If you have ever tried to deal with this task all by yourself, you already know it is not an easy one. Everybody can come up with the word eventually, but it usually takes some time and can slow down the game, making it less enjoyable. This is exactly the reason why I have decided to develop this Pictionary word generator. Using this system you will be able to come up with tens of cool names before the game starts and it will only cost you a several minutes.

What you will have to do is click the button that reads “Generate Pictionary Words”. As soon as you do that, you will be provided with one suggestion. Think whether the word is not too difficult (or too easy) for the people you are going to play with and if it seems right, slide down the window to add it to your favorites. When there are enough words in your favorites section, copy them to the word document (or whatever alternative you are using) and print it out. That’s it! Now go ahead and start using this Pictionary word generator!

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