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Thanks for choosing this random letter generator! I bet that at least some of you have opened this page out of pure curiosity, hoping to find out what kind of system do we have here and more importantly, why in the world a person would need a single random letter. In the rest of this article I am going to answer both of these questions.

So this is the system that suggests random single letters from the English alphabet. And what are you supposed to do with that letter? Well I can think of at least three things. First of all, you could use it for playing. I bet you know the game were each person (or team) has to write words that start with the same letter in five or more different categories as fast as possible. The categories might be as follows: country, city, animal, plant, singer, actress or actor, writer, movie director, television personality, fictional character, book, film, animated series, football club, clothing brand, etc. The topics chosen and level of difficulty usually vary depending on the age, level of education and interests of the people who play.

If you do know this game, you must be well aware of the fact that before each round somebody has to suggest the first letter. But how do you that? If you allow one of the players to pick the letter they want, there is no doubt that he will choose a letter that is convenient for him (in other words, the one that would allow him to get more points). In turn, he will get a relative advantage in comparison to others. To avoid that, I suggest you use this random letter generator to do the job for you. I can assure you that this system has no interest in helping any of your friends win…

You could also use this random letter generator as a substitution for dice. That is, each of your friends can click the button once and the one who gets the letter closest to the beginning of an alphabet starts the game. Analogically, the person who got the second “highest” letter starts second and so on. The third purpose to use this system for is creating fictional words letter by letter. I think you had enough ideas for today, so just go ahead and start suing this random letter generator! Have fun and don’t forget to check out the other generators suggested on this website!

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