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Thanks for choosing our random sentence generator! Sol let me start by explaining why I decided to create this system. I hope it will give you some additional ideas on where it could be used.

First of all, I think most of you have been in a situation where a teacher asks you to write an original short story and you have no idea where to start. Unfortunately, I have been there more times than I would like to admit. Surely, one way of dealing with this task is to write down your own experiences (for example, something that happened to you during the last weekend/holiday) or to tell the story of your friend. However, not all of us have many great stories to tell. Even more importantly, not all the greatest stories we have taken part in are appropriate to tell for your teacher (or/and in from of your classmates). So if can’t think of any exciting real-life events or just don’t want to share personal information, you can use this random sentence generator to get some inspirational ideas for a short fictional story!

Second, I think sometimes we all need something to break our standard thinking patterns, to help us get a different perspective on things. This random sentence generator works by combining two ideas together. While some of the combinations sound surprisingly logical and “mundane”, the others are completely unexpected and from the first sight do not seem to make any sense at all. For example, let’s look at the phrase: The wave crashed along the shore, setting the house on fire. When you read it for the first time it does not seem to be very reasonable: in our heads fire is an opposite of water and the later extinguishes the first. So even if you assume that the house was standing right on the beach, how in the world did the wave set it on fire? When you raise this question and try to make sense out of the sentence you have just read, you are encouraged to think in a different way: maybe the wave cause a short circuit, which, in turn, caused the fire? You will also be suggested some sentences that might inspire philosophical ideas, like “Another day is always present”.

Now enough of reading. Go ahead and start using this random sentence generator! By the way, do not forget that this system generates both statement and question sentences!

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